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Property Logo at NMS 1539 Fourth, California, 90401

How To Get Around Santa Monica Using Public Transportation

How To Get Around Santa Monica Using Public Transportation

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All major cities have a walk score that analyzes how easy it is for residents to get around the city on foot or by bike. The scale ranks each city on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most walkable. Santa Monica's Walk Score is 83, meaning it's easy for locals and visitors to get around town on foot or two wheels.  


It's surprisingly easy to get around Santa Monica without a car. Along with walking trails and Bike Share options, there are three main ways Santa Monica residents use public transportation to get around town: The Metro E Line, The Big Blue Bus, and the Free Santa Monica Shuttle.  


Metro E Line 

The Metro e line runs from the Santa Monica Pier to The heart of downtown LA. This 15.2-mile light rail line has three stations within Santa Monica city limits and makes it easy for residents to transfer to other cities like Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, and Long Beach.  


The easiest way to ride the E Line is to buy a TAP card at any of the vending machines at the Metrorail stations. You can also buy a TAP card online. With just a few clicks, you can load a dollar value onto your code and then validate it before boarding.  


Here are a few things you need to know about the cost of riding the Metro E Line: 


  • A one-way trip on the light rail is$1.75 and includes two hours of free transfers.  

  • The one-day pass is $3.50 

  • A 7-Day pass gets you seven days of unlimited rides for $12.50  

  • If you plan on using the light rail more frequently, the 30-day pass is the best value at $50  

  • Households that make less than $41,000 a year can qualify for low-income discount rides on the Metro E Line  

  • Students (K-12), seniors, college students, and people with disabilities also qualify for discounts.  


The Big Blue Bus  

The Big Blue Bus is another convenient and cost-effective way for Santa Monica residents to move throughout the city. The Big Blue Bus website makes it easy to calculate the cost of your ride, as well as keep an eye on arrival and departure times. You can take the big blue bus to a metro station for an easy and hassle-free transfer. Just like the metro line, You'll purchase a TAP card and upload a dollar amount directly onto the card. You can also download the tap app onto your phone and use that as your ticket.  


  • The regular fare for a single trip is $1.10, and seniors, those with disabilities, and Medicare recipients pay 50 cents for a single trip 

  • If you're paying by cash, it's $1.25 for the regular fare 

  • The day pass get to as many rides on the big blue bus as you want for an entire day for $4.  

  • The 7-Day pass is $14 

  • The 10 Ride Pass is $9  

  • The 30-day pass is $50 

  • The annual pass is $500  


If you are a college student using the bus to get to and from campus, check with your local school about college student discounts. 


Free Santa Monica Shuttle  

Circuit is a nationally-recognized public transportation system with a goal is to reduce congestion by offering shuttle rides to residents. Santa Monica can download the easy-to-use app on their smartphone to see where the closest Circuit shuttle is. While you can't book a ride in advance, you can send a request via the app or ways down a driver for a ride.  


In Santa Monica, Circuit offers free electric car rides throughout the city seven days a week. You can get a ride to or from the Santa Monica Pier, Ocean Park, and many of the city's popular hotspots. All Circuit shuttles are completely electric, so not only is your ride free and convenient, but it's also better for the environment. 


Bottom Line  

When you live in a luxury Santa Monica apartment like NMS 1539 Fourth, you can walk to the closest Expo Line Santa Monica Station in less than two minutes. You're also just a short walk from multiple bus stations that will take you anywhere you need to go. Getting around Santa Monica without a car is doable, especially with all of the public transportation options at your fingertips.  


If you're looking for an apartment to rent in Santa Monica, take a virtual tour of ​​ NMS 1539 Fourth today and start picturing yourself living here! 

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