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5 Places to Spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica

5 Places to Spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica

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While some people prefer spending New Year’s Eve at home with family, most would instead usher in the New Year in a different city or at festivals. There are plenty of fun ways to end your year and ring in the New Year. Santa Monica, CA, is one of the best travel destinations for NYE and other occasions, with exciting events, parties, and festivals. Various Santa Monica apartments are also available to accommodate visitors with different needs and budgets. The following are the top 5 places to spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica. 

NYE Bar Crawl 2023 

If you and your friends enjoy bar crawls, the Crawl ‘Til The Ball Falls’ event in 2023 is the place for you. This event will start at 6 pm on December 31st and will feature a variety of beer, mixed drinks, and other drink specials in the finest pubs and bars in Santa Monica. The Barcrawlerz offers a wild night of fun and excitement with plenty of drinks at great prices. It is an excellent choice for those looking to drink, enjoy themselves all night, and visit and experience the popular bars in Santa Monica. 

The Annual New Year’s Eve Gala 

The 50th annual New Year’s Eve Gala at Santa Monica playhouse is a family-friendly event filled with music, dance, fun, and entertainment for you and your family. This event includes the 7 pm and 10 pm shows that both allow people to meet and greet the cast, enjoy a musical revue, sing, dance, and indulge in champagne and savory treats. The 7 pm show provides enough time for kids to enjoy the performances and have fun before going to sleep at a reasonable hour at the available Santa Monica apartments. It is an excellent place for kids and adults to spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica. 

Live Holiday Music 

Are you looking for the best places on the beach to spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica? The live holiday music at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel offers fantastic cocktails, music, and entertainment on NYE 2023 at their beachfront. From the warm weather and unique drinks to the ocean views and jazz music, this event provides a beautiful experience and a great way to usher in the New Year. 

NYE’s Women’s Wellness Event 

This women-only event comprises various activities that help one to let go, introspect, relax, and peacefully close the year. If you are a woman trying to intentionally start your New Year and set goals and resolutions for 2023, this is the event for you. The NYE’s women’s wellness event will occur on December 31st from 1-4 pm. It will involve meditation, deep massages, and creating vision boards to help you relax, reflect, and reset. It will also feature a sound bath and crystal healing, among other rituals that promote joy, peace, and healing. 

NYE 2023 at The Bungalow 

The Bungalow is an impressive meeting spot with a homey atmosphere inspired by the Baja lifestyle. This artistic space contains fire pits, beautiful tree lamps, Mexican blankets, a dining area, a front desk, a game room, a garden, and a spacious bar. It also has beautiful landscaping, unique brickwork, whitewashed walls, and Moroccan tile work. The Bungalow is a great space to meet and spend NYE 2023 in Santa Monica with friends while making resolutions and plans. 


Santa Monica has a variety of NYE events, celebrations, and parties that cater to different people. In addition, there are various Santa Monica apartments, such as NMS 1539 Fourth, that provide accommodation. 

NMS 1539 Fourth in downtown Santa Monica is luxury apartments with spacious floor plans, appliances and amenities, and modern finishes, including hardwood floors and smart-home technology. If you are looking for safe and comfortable apartments in Santa Monica for 2023, look no further than NMS 1539 Fourth apartments. 

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