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Santa Monica’s Guide To Free Wifi Spots

Santa Monica’s Guide To Free Wifi Spots

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Santa Monica is a city of small business owners, students, and entrepreneurs. It's a city where many people have shifted from the traditional 9 to 5 work model and are embracing the benefits and flexibility of remote work. If you spend a lot of your time on your laptop and the internet, chances are you're always looking for places to connect to free Wi-Fi to get work done. 


We've done some scouting and found some of the best ways to find free Wi-Fi throughout the city so that you can stay connected and productive: 


Public Libraries 

The Santa Monica Public Library is a great place to start when looking for free Wi-Fi. If you're bringing your laptop, you can connect to the public Wi-Fi for free, without a library card. If you're planning on using one of those library’s public computers or Internet stations, you have to have a valid Santa Monica Public Library Card. The internet stations have the latest browsers and features like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel.  


If you just need to pop in and check some email or look up some information, many libraries have 15-minute Express Stations.  


Annenberg Community Beach House 

The Annenberg Community Beach House gives off luxurious beach club vibes without the high price tag and dress code. This community center is open to the public and features resort-style amenities like a beach volleyball court, sparkling pool, playground, and beach access points. While there are fees associated with parking, community classes, and the pool, the Wi-Fi is free. 


Santa Monica Parks  

Santa Monica is home to over 25 public parks. There are seaside parks like Bernard Way Linear Park and Dorothy Green Park, parks on the ocean like Ocean View Park, and local favorites like Mary Hotchkiss Park and Douglas Park in Santa Monica. Not all of the parks in Santa Monica offer free Wi-Fi, but there are a handful that do. A few years ago, the city of Santa Monica launched a collaboration with the Department of Recreation and Parks, American Park Network, and Toyota, to put free public Wi-Fi access in six major parts. These parks are:  



When you go to log on, just look for the "Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi" service and log right on.  




Santa Monica Hotels 


Los Angeles is known for its luxurious beach hotels with their sunkissed rooftop pools, sprawling event centers, and high-end amenities. Travelers expect to have free Wi-Fi in these impressive spaces, which is good news for Santa Monica locals. You don't have to have a reservation to connect to the Wi-Fi in most of Santa Monica's most prestigious hotels.  


Some hotels require you to go to the front desk and get the login information, but after that, you're free to sit, connect, and get to work (if you can stay focused surrounded by the gorgeous people and architecture!) Some Santa Monica hotels that offer free wifi include:  



Local Museums  

Santa Monica is a city rich in art and culture. It's home to many famous museums like the  Museum of Flying, Santa Monica History Museum, and Getty Center. These local museums are great for learning something new, browsing priceless art, and immersing yourself in a new subject. But many of them also offer free Wi-Fi to the public. Museums like the Hammer Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) offer free wifi in their public spaces.  


Coffee Shops and Cafes 

There's no shortage of charming local coffee shops and cafes throughout Santa Monica. These local shops offer free Wi-Fi for customers, perfect for working, studying, or setting up a quick meeting over coffee. Some of the best coffee shops and cafes with free public internet include: 


  • Coffee Bar  

  • Arda’s Café  

  • Cacao Coffee House 

  • Bergamot Café 


The Bottom Line 

Consistent, fast, and reliable internet is an amenity that many Santa Monica residents can't live without. The good news is, there are many ways to jump on the information superhighway for free all around the city. If you're looking for an apartment to rent in Santa Monica close to some of these free Wi-Fi hotspots, schedule a tour of NMS 1539 Fourth today!  

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