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Best Parks in Santa Monica to Visit This Weekend

Best Parks in Santa Monica to Visit This Weekend

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While your Santa Monica apartments elevate your days with endless comfort and luxury, sometimes it’s nice to just get out and enjoy the fresh air. And that’s quite easy to do at all the local parks around town. Wondering just which spots to visit on your travels around the cityscape? Here’s a look at the four best parks in Santa Monica to visit this weekend. 

Palisades Park 

Spanning 26 acres along Ocean Avenue, Palisades Park offers breathtaking bayside views as far as the eye can see. You can take in the views by heading down the walking paths, sitting on the benches, or simply having a picnic in the grass. 

As you explore the park, watch for all the amazing historical artwork, like the: 

  • Idaho Gate 

  • Redwood Pergola 

  • Civil War Cannon 

  • Santa Monica Statute 

  • Arcadia Bandini de Baker bust 

  • Gestation III wood sculpture 

  • Totem Pole 

If you love to view the vegetation, there are over 30 species of plants to discover as well, including rusty-leaf figs, windmill palms, and Monterey cypress trees. 

Ocean View Park 

Whenever you want to work up a sweat or just enjoy the views, Ocean View Park is a great place to go. You can usually find pick-up games running all day and evening long at the well-lit basketball court. If tennis is more your style, then you have six courts at your disposal for impromptu games any time of the day. 

Walking paths meander across its 5.5-acre span, letting you get your steps in for the day while enjoying the views. If you wander over to the southern edge of the park, the path will take you onto the beach where you can enjoy the sand and surf at your leisure. There’s a playground onsite, too, for whenever you have kids in tow. 

Pacific Street Dog Park 

At more than an acre, Pacific Street Dog Park offers all the space your pup needs to work off all their excess energy. Since it’s fully fenced in, you can take your dog off leash and let them run to their heart’s content. They’ll love playing a game of fetch, working on obedience training, and exploring every inch of the open space. 

When other dogs come on the scene, you can find a seat in the shade and watch all their antics play out. Your dog will adore meeting new friends and running amok without a leash in sight. The water fountains keep all the pups well-hydrated, too, in between their playful romps. 

Bernard Way Linear Park 

Bernard Way Linear Park never fails to delight with its stellar views of the Santa Monica Pier and the oceanside all around. The grassy knoll offers a unique vantage point by sitting up higher than the beach, which makes it a fantastic spot for family picnics. 

If you prefer to just come by to stretch your legs, you’ll get to enjoy lengthy walking paths across its three-acre stretch. More than 20 benches make it easy to rest up along the way, too, allowing you to sit and watch all the activity on the beach below. 

Whenever you want to enjoy the area around your Santa Monica apartments, a visit to these parks will take your day to the next level. So, regularly put them on your weekend itinerary to enjoy the beautiful cityscape to the fullest. 

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