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Property Logo at NMS 1539 Fourth, California, 90401
Property Logo at NMS 1539 Fourth, California, 90401

Four Rooftops to Enjoy an Ocean Sunset in Santa Monica

Four Rooftops to Enjoy an Ocean Sunset in Santa Monica

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Living in Santa Monica apartments puts you within a short walk of the finest oceanside views imaginable. The breathtaking scenes get even better, too, as the sun starts to go down behind the horizon. As the sky lights up in vivid hues, you get to enjoy the stunning beauty of the oceanside in all its glory. Want to enjoy that scene to the fullest? Get a front-row seat to the magic at the following rooftops in Santa Monica. 


Set right on 7th Street, Calabra lets you dine on upscale Mediterranean fusion fare while sitting in their outdoor rooftop bar. As you sample their Lamb Chop Skewers, Spicy Tuna Rolls, and everything in between, their dazzling flavor combinations will leave you simply wowed. The wide-open views are equally spectacular, adding to the magic of your dining experience. 

If you’d like to enjoy the cityscape from a completely different perspective, plan a visit to their mid-level garden terrace as well. Each setting serves as a memorable spot for dinner and drinks whenever you want to dine while surrounded in the beauty of Santa Monica. 


Whenever you want to catch the ocean breeze while dining on Italian excellence, get on over to Elephante. Located right on 2nd Street, this popular eatery lets you dine in style right in an airy rooftop lounge. As you slide into your seat, the stellar ocean views will undoubtedly impress as will the truly welcoming ambiance. 

For the best experience around, arrive with a huge appetite and enjoy a full four-course meal. Start with a glass of wine and a tasty appetizer, like their Grilled Octopus. Then, move on to a salad, enjoy your entree, and finish with dessert. Prefer to keep it low-key? Come by for drinks, small bite plates, and their world-famous Tiramisu. 

LouLou Rooftop 

Pacific Ocean views serve as the star of the show at every visit to LouLou Rooftop, thanks to its prime location right on 2nd Street. That’s no easy feat either due to the sheer extravagance of all their menu items. Built to impress, their menu features French fusion delights, like Beef Tartare, Lobster Linguine, and Nicoise Salad. 

In an effort to provide the best dining experience around, the restaurant regularly brings in musicians to play live for the crowds. No matter who comes by to play, there’s definitely something truly magical about hearing all the songs ring out across the restaurant while watching the sun go down behind the horizon. 

ONYX Rooftop Bar 

With its location on Ocean Avenue, ONYX Rooftop Bar puts you almost right on the beachside for a dinner to remember. You’ll feel like you can almost touch the brilliant hues coloring the sky as the sunset hits its peak. 

As the scene plays out before you, flavorful handcrafted cocktails will tantalize your tastebuds and add to the experience. You have your choice of amazing appetizers and entrée items, too, including Fresh Oysters, Kobe Sliders, and Lobster Rolls. Just don’t forget to leave room for their signature Coconut Cheesecake, so you can end your visit on a sweet note. 

Whenever you want to gaze in wonder at the sun setting over the oceanside, just jet out from your Santa Monica apartments to any of these rooftop locations. As long as you time it right, you’re sure to catch a stunning show, allowing you to truly enjoy living right next to the ocean. 

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