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Top Spots for an Outdoor Workout in Santa Monica

Top Spots for an Outdoor Workout in Santa Monica

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Your Santa Monica apartments offer all the space you need for a satisfying workout. But it’s often better to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while burning calories, building muscle, and increasing your stamina. There are many excellent spots for outdoor workouts all across Santa Monica, too. Ready to start making the most of all your exercise sessions? Here’s where to go. 

Palisades Park 

When you just want to walk it out while enjoying fantastic views, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Palisades Park. At over 26 acres, this park gives you plenty of space to get your steps in for the day. 

To liven things up a bit, you can go over to the courts for a pickup game (or two!) before continuing on your way. If you’d like to rest up before finishing your walk, stop by the Santa Monica Camera Obscura to see the ocean from a whole new perspective. 

Ocean Front Walk 

Well-known as the original Muscle Beach, the outdoor gym area at Ocean Front Walk combines fun and fitness for all ages. The space features parallel bars, climbing ropes, swings, and all the other exercise equipment you could need for a great workout. Many people have brought weight benches, free weights, mats, and more, making it easy to build a full-body workout from the ground up. 

You can often catch acrobatic and gymnastic exhibitions in between your reps, too. Their awe-inspiring performances often prove highly motivating, too, inspiring onlookers to push their workouts to the next level. 

Santa Monica Stairs 

If you want to build muscle in your glutes while boosting your endurance, set your sights on the Santa Monica Stairs. Although there are many around town, the two main ones have nearly 200 steps each, making them a full workout all on their own. 

Despite being known as the 7th Street Stairway, you’ll find the first set of stairs across the way from 526 Adelaide Drive. With a trip down the 170 steps, you will end up on Entrada Drive where you can turn around and do it all over again. 

The top of the second staircase sits right at Adelaide and 4th Street and goes down to Ocean Avenue Extension. With 189 concrete steps, this staircase promises to leave you feeling the burn by the end of your roundtrip. 

Colorado Center Park 

If bodyweight exercises are your jam, let the Colorado Center Park serve as your go-to spot for outdoor workouts in Santa Monica. The five-station fitness course lets you run the full circuit of chin-ups, dips, and so much more. 

When you want to get moving even faster, you’re welcome to join the pick-up basketball games running all day. Tennis courts are also onsite if you have a racquet, ball, and workout partner. Oftentimes, you can find like-minded tennis enthusiasts waiting for a challenger if you stick around for a bit. For the best chances, park yourself on the grass near the courts and do your stretches while keeping an eye out. 

While living in your Santa Monica apartments, you’re never far away from an amazing outdoor workout. So, keep your running shoes right by the door to ensure you’re always ready to work a rewarding exercise session into your day. 

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